The Importance of Optimising Your Website for Google

93% of people use a search engine to search for a product or service. 90% of people in the UK use Google as their search engine of choice and 92% of them don’t look past the first page of results and 98% don’t look past page 2 !  So the importance of your website appearing on Google page one search results for at least some of your keywords is clear – it is vital.

When people search for websites using Google the words they type into the search box are ‘keywords’ or contain ‘keywords’. Your website should be built around a set of keywords that are relevant to people who are searching for your product or service. So if you sell ‘plantronics headsets’ this should be one of your keywords, your site should be optimised for this keyword so that when people are searching for ‘plantronics headsets’ yours is one of the websites that appear on the first page of the Google results.

There are other keywords you could add such as ‘headset solutions’, ‘telephone headsets’ or ’cordless headsets’ which could all be typed into Google by people looking for your product. These should all form part of your ‘keyword set’.

A keyword such as just ’headsets’ would also seem to be very good since a lot of people could type that into the Google search box. But from your point of view this raises two problems :-

1. They could be people searching for headsets for their hi-fi at home or personal computer when your business sells telephone headsets to call centres. This is one reason why you should ’narrow’ your keyword so as to aim at your specific market to maybe ’call centre headsets’

2. You would be competing against everybody else in the country (or the world!) who is also trying to get their website onto page one for the keyword ‘headsets’ – so having ‘longer’ two and three word keywords will give you a more realistic chance of achieving a page one result for their website.

What you have to remember on all this is that there may be many thousands of people in the UK searching for ‘headsets’ but you need to target just your market area which may be ‘telephone headsets’, ‘plantronics headsets’, ’wireless headsets’, or ‘call centre headsets’. These people will probably narrow their search anyway for these keywords as that is what they want so although fewer people may be searching for these ‘longer’ keywords, they will be of a much higher quality to you as prospects.

It is not really websites that are optimised for keywords, it is web pages. Your home page is probably by far the most important but optimising individual web pages within your site can help get them listed in the search results as well. Pages within your site can also be optimised for more specific keywords relating to what that particular page is about.

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